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  • Former IAS Elementary Kendra Broekhuis

    Former elementary school teacher, Kendra Broekhuis, is set to release her first book entitled Here Goes Nothing: An Introvert's Reckless Attempt to Love Her Neighbor February 28th.  "When Kendra and her husband sought advice about the transition from fellow missionary friends, the advice was, 'Get to know your neighbors.' It might sound like strange advice, but it made sense. Jesus tells us to 'Love God and love your neighbor.' Many times the word neighbor is meant to be vague, but it shouldn’t always be. Part of being mission-minded, no matter where you live or work, is being willing to love the people closest to you, people we often overlook."  Way to go Kendra! IAS is so proud of you and all of your amazing work!! Pre-Order Kendra Broekhuis' Book more >

  • Elementary Teachers Go All Out With Their

    IAS recently celebrated its 100th day of school! For the 100th Day of School festivities, elementary students dressed for a parade around the high school building. Students had the choice to either dress as a 100-year-old person or to cover themselves with 100 things. Students had cotton-ball hair, used canes, and worn cardigans! As a fun treat, several classes had a special 100 Chart Snack. During this special snack time, students shared their snacks with the class so that each student filled his or her 100 Chart. Other classes decorated shields of faith with 100 different things after talking about the armor of God. It was a day full of fun and celebration. We love counting to a 100! So we want to ask you: If you could have one hundred of anything, what would you want 100 of and what would you do with it? Here's to many more fun days at IAS!

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