About IAS



IAS currently holds joint accreditation through ACSI and AdvancED. We received initial accreditation in 2014 with both organizations. This has involved a systematic, inclusive, and in-depth self-assessment of our performance as a school according to ACSI and AdvancED standards, as well as creating school improvement plans of how we can better meet specific standards. In 2016, ACSI became the lead partner in the process and IAS has conducted the most recent evaluation of its program through a distinctly Christian protocol, REACH 2.1. The next step in this process is a mid-term visit from an ACSI representative to conclude the current 5-year cycle and to use the feedback as a springboard to update our current CSIP and to drive the next in-depth self-study. IAS is expecting another team visit during the 2019-2020 school year.

A few improvement projects we have completed have included construction to expand our campus, increasing benefits for teachers, translating handbooks and report cards into Spanish, implementing an advisory program at the secondary level, initiatives to improve student literacy, starting an induction program, improving technology resources, developing spiritual standards, and so much more!

At IAS we are committed to constantly review our governing and administrative practices, instructional methods, and resources so that we can provide the best education possible for our students. This is evidenced by our policy to review and update school improvement plans every two years. Writing improvement plans involves all stakeholders – administration, staff, students, and parents – so that everyone involved at IAS has a chance to be heard and take part in the continuing journey of quality education at Inter-American School.

You can read our 2017-2019 school improvement plan by clicking on the link below:

2017-2019 School Improvement Plan