Spiritual Life

Elementary Chapel

Spiritual Life


At Inter-American School we make every effort to aid the spiritual growth and build a strong community between the whole student body. One way that we do this is through weekly chapel services that provide the opportunity for reflection on the Word of God. Chapels often include worship and singing, games, skits, activities, and a message from a teacher or guest speaker. Teachers are expected to organize two chapel services each semester.

The Purposes of Chapel

  • To challenge students to apply Biblical principles and commitments to all aspects of personal and corporate life.
  • To promote student respect for Christian faith and expression.
  • To reinforce Biblical and cultural values through engaging worship experiences.
  • To permit students to demonstrate important Biblical truths which they have been learning.
  • To expose students to members of the missionary community and their ministries.
  • To experience the opportunity of praising God together in a corporate setting.
  • To enjoy time together as a student body, thus building school community.

Chapel services are split up between grade levels, so that messages and activities may be geared toward a specific age and development level.

High School Chapel meets on Wednesdays from 1:20-2:10 p.m.

Middle School Chapel meets on Wednesdays from 8:30-9:20 a.m.

Sometimes Elementary grades split and have Chapel with just Prekindergarten through 2nd grade and just 3rd through 5th grade, and other times all Elementary classes have chapel together. Elementary Chapels meet on Thursdays at 8:00-8:45 a.m.  Teachers often involve their class through skits and songs, and parents are invited to come watch.