About IAS


Our Campus

As mentioned in Our History, Inter-American School began with only a few students in an apartment building, and over many years  and through many people, donations, and construction projects, has expanded to our current campus and facilities.

The property where IAS is currently located was bought through a generous donation in 1972. Our 9-acre campus is located mainly on a hill overlooking Quetzaltenango. We have a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and the Santa Maria volcano.

Our campus is currently made up of four buildings. Our main administration building houses offices, a computer lab and media center, a large library, the teacher’s lounge, and two kindergarten classrooms. The kindergarten classrooms were constructed during the 2013-2014 school year to be used at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.

The elementary building houses Prekindergarten, as well as First through 5th Grade classrooms. There is also an Art classroom, a multi-purpose room where most chapels are held, and a cafeteria where elementary and high school students eat lunch. The roof of this building was redone during the summer of 2012, and two classrooms were updated and enlarged during the summer of 2013.

The high school building includes separate classrooms for math, social studies, Bible and English, as well as a science lab. This entire building was renovated during the summer of 2013 so that it could house all high school classes.

The middle school building is located at the bottom of the hill and contains separate classrooms for math, social studies, and English, as well as a teacher lounge.

On campus we also have a large outdoor area with a parking lot, playground equipment, a basketball court, and a large soccer field.

The current property, facilities, and expansions would not have been possible without the generous donations and contributions from many faithful stewards!

If you are interested in donating towards current classroom and facilities construction, please go to the Support IAS page.