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Our Leadership


Inter-American School is owned and operated by the Inter-American Foreign Evangelical Missionaries Cultural Association (IAFEMCA), and draws its authority and legal status from that organization. IAFEMCA has its own constitution and by-laws and is legally recognized by the Guatemalan government. IAFEMCA is recognized as a non-profit institution in Guatemala, but not in the United States.

Board of Directors

While IAFEMCA has ultimate authority of the school, it elects from its list of members a Board of Directors to establish overall policy and to oversee the general operations of Inter-American School.


The Director implements the policies of the Board of Directors and is directly responsible to the Board for the day-to-day running of the school.

History of Leadership

1961 – President of the Board – Dr. Virgil Wolf,

Principal – Miss Eva Matthews

1962 – President of the Board – Mrs. Betty Wick

1963 – President of the Board – Mr. Vern Goheen

1975 – Director – Mr. James Pollock

1979 – Director – Mr. Wallace Lee

1980 – Director – Mr. Averill Allen

1991 – Director – Mr. Brent Kilback

1996 – Director – Mr. Gene Luna

1997 – Director – Mr. Wilfred Flandermeyer

2000 – Director – Mr. Jim Inkster

2002 – Director – Mr. Martin Brodbeck

2008 – Director – Mr. Michael McNabb