middle school girls

Middle School (6th - 8th Grade)

Middle School education is focused on assisting students through the transition from childhood to adolescence. Teachers do their best to support students as they go through many physical, emotional, and social changes, and are sensitive to this unique time of growth. They are passionate about helping students learn responsible academic habits, abstract and critical thinking skills, as well as independence and social skills.

Middle School students move between teachers and classrooms for each subject (Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Bible). Middle School teachers have done a fantastic job collaborating to share classroom rules and policies so that students are provided with consistency as they move between classrooms and teachers.

As our Middle School teachers and students spend much of their school days at the bottom of the hill, they have become a tight-knit community, perfect for developing both their relationships with each other, and their relationships with the Lord. Teachers focus their time in developing students’ knowledge in who Christ is, and how they can grow their faith deeper in Him.

Middle School Schedule:

8:00 a.m. – School starts

12:55-1:24 p.m. – Lunch

3:00 p.m. – School dismissal